Three Top Reasons We Love Electric Scooters

Three Top Reasons We Love Electric Scooters

3 Reasons Why We Love Electric Scooters 


Here at e Pro Glide Limited, we are passionate about electric scooters, but that's not just because we sell them! All of our team adore the features on offer from electric scooters and ride them, so we thought we'd share our top three reasons why we love electric scooters with you. 


Why Walk When You Can e Scoot?


E scooters are perfect for short journeys, in fact, 60% of all journeys taking place in the city have a distance of fewer than 5 miles, and within that 60 per cent, 70% of those are short trips that you could actually have walked, but people tend to take the car. So, if you don't want to walk, but you're concerned about your environmental footprint, E scooters are absolutely perfect. It's faster than walking, so you get less wet in the rain, but you still don't have to drag your big carbon emission car out of the garage just to get to the bus stop because you're running late. Once you arrive at your destination, they are also easy to pick up and take you with you rather than having to look for parking spaces and change for the machine. 


Super Convenient and Low Stress


When we talk to people who pop in to buy electric scooters, we often have a chat about why they decided to come and purchase one. Another top feature that always comes out is the convenience. Just because you've decided to ditch the car doesn't mean you automatically a fan of cycling, for example. With cycling, you have to pedal, and you can arrive at work in a bit of a hot, sweaty mess. Electric scooters give you the freedom to wander away through the traffic with ease and also arrive at your destination looking cool calm a calm and composed. There is also less chance that your e scooter will be stolen as they tend to be compact affordable and you can take it inside, or on the train with you meaning it is much more secure than leaving a bike in a bike rack. 


Friendly to the Environment 


If you can remember back to before the time, we were all locked down with a pandemic; climate change was the top story. The world is in crisis, and we need to start doing more to reduce our carbon footprint. Using a car on being the only occupant is really not good, and as already mentioned, many short journeys can avoid car used by just thinking outside of the box. The energy needed to produce a vehicle is also significantly greater than that required to make an electric scooter which means e scooters are accountable for just 1- 2% of emissions compared with car manufacturer. It might have been put on hold, but the environmental crisis has not gone away, and as we start to return to our places of work e scooters could be the perfect alternative form of transport to do our bit.