The True Costs Of An E Scooter

The True Costs Of An E Scooter

E Scooters: The Cost  


It is fair to say that the price of electric scooters can be relatively high. Kick scooters certainly aren't as expensive, however, of course, the fact that it's an electric scooter changes everything. As a UK e scooter supplier, the team at E-Pro Glide Limited spend a lot of time around electric scooters. So, we thought we put together a short guide to how they are priced, so you understand more about what you're spending your money on when you buy electric scooters.  


The Battery


Although there are several different things that affect what your electric scooter will cost, the battery is undoubtedly one of the critical components. A battery is probably responsible for approximately 30% of the cost of your scooter, so it is understandable that the more power you demand from a battery, the more you will have to pay for the scooter. Having a powerful battery offers you many benefits, including a longer life between charges, increased range, and faster speeds. High-end batteries also charge quicker meaning that your E scooter is out of action for less time. It is undoubtedly worth reaching a little bit further to ensure you have the best battery possible as low-quality batteries can negatively impact how much you enjoy your ride.


The Construction

Cheap and cheerful scooters are going to be made of cheap and cheerful materials; there is no getting away from that. Premium and electronic scooters are made from materials that are both lightweight, durable and also extremely high quality.

The favoured material for this purpose tends to be aluminium as it gives the e scooter all the qualities, we hope to see but also means that it's easy to carry when not in use. In the cheaper end of the electronic scooter market, you will find materials such as plastic used regularly. These are not so durable and do break easily. Steel is also used in lower-cost offerings, but again it's not the best metal because although it is durable, it is also much heavier than aluminium affecting both performance and portability.

The Software

High-end e scooters are also packed with controllers and features that are accessible via smartphone apps. This might include things like your remaining battery life, lights, tracking your journey and speed control. These added extras might bump up the price a little, but they do add immense convenience and enable the rider to be able to control that E scooter from their phones. E scooters from the budget range are unlikely to have the software built-in so again; it is worth making that extra investment to get something top of the range.

So, you will see that there is a massive price differential in e scooters, and this equates to key features such as the battery, construction and software. The best thing to do is to make a list of requirements that you would like from your E scooter before you begin searching for the perfect candidate and do have a look at our shop and the range that we have on sale.