The Top Trends Taking Electric Scooters into the Future

When it comes to the world of environmentally friendly transportation, one idea reigns above all others. The idea of the electric scooter is one which has been tossed around for many years now. It’s a pinnacle of human engineering and environmentally friendly intentions. 


As we eagerly anticipate the day when the electric scooter becomes a road legal piece of machinery, we look back at some of the trends that have occurred within the last few years that will really help to propel the industry into a green, beautiful future.


Launch of Shared Scooters


In 2017, the first set of shared scooters were launched in Santa Monica in California.


The micro mobility industry consisted at that point of docked and dockless sharing systems for bikes, so to see a shared scooter system start to come into play was really good. 


Nowadays, you’ll find that there are over 200 different countries across the world which have the shared scooter system. 


Custom-Designed Shared Scooters


The release of the shared scooter system taught two lessons to designers very quickly. First of all, there is a high level of demand for this particular type of micro mobility transportation. Second of all, vehicles that have been custom-made to fit the demand would be necessary in order to keep up. 


Consequently, scooters that were capable of being ridden with more frequency, possessing designs that could handle more diverse services and have the durability to stand up to more weather conditions became much more common.


New Safety Reports


Safety is obviously going to be one of those things which is hotly debated in any industry. That’s why when it comes to electronic scooters, it was introduced in 2019 that there was a comprehensive safety report.


Thanks to the data and analytics in the report, it was possible to get a comprehensive look at the safety of electric scooters, showcasing risks, vulnerabilities, and areas where safety could be improved.


New Programs Approved


In 2020, we saw both the UK and the state of New York agree to legalise shared electric scooters. They also agreed to launch pilot programs which will provide crucial data for the industry moving forward. Considering that London and New York have a considerable population between them, the data that they will be able to provide to these pilot organisations will be very helpful from an analytic perspective. It will all go towards helping to make sure that electric scooters become a road legal piece of technology. 


In conclusion, it is easy to see why there are so many different options available when it comes to how you do things from a perspective of electric scooters. These trends which have gone on for the last couple of years now will definitely help to push the industry into the modern world. Obviously, the end goal is to try and make sure that the industry becomes a common one, and we see even more electric scooters on the roads.