The Speed of Electric Scooters 

The Speed of Electric Scooters 

One of the questions we are often asked is how fast an electric scooter can go? Well, the answer is quite variable. There is a scooter on the market that can achieve 52 mph, but that comes with a massive sacrifice because to get that sort of speed the overall weight of the scooter shoots up to 38 kilogrammes which is way too heavy to be carried around with you and used for commuting each day. So, as most people hope to achieve eco-friendly commuting and the ability to take their scooter wherever they go for security reasons you're looking at speeds of around 15 to 20 mph only. 


That's Not Very Fast! 


Well, no it's not that fast, but when you consider that the average adult walks at a speed of 10 mph, it will undoubtedly get you to where you need to be a lot quicker. We honestly feel that speed should not be a particularly important consideration when choosing an electric scooter. The speed is going to vary depending on the weight of the rider, and in other blogs, we will discuss scooters that are suitable for the heavier adult. But for those who are of average weight or lighter you can enjoy a steady commute about 16 mph. But what else should you be considering? 

Battery Life


One of the critical considerations has to be your battery life, you may be particularly impressed with a top speed on an advert, but this is usually based on having a fully charged battery. As it begins to run down the top speeds are no longer achievable. So, what you actually are looking for is an electric scooter that has a robust and reliable battery that will get you through the day on an average speed. In our opinion, this is way more important. 


Where are You Going?


Of course, the route you take will also affect the speed when you go downhill gravity kicks in so your speed will naturally increase, however, if you are going uphill to any degree you will find your scooter speed deteriorates a little bit depending on the gradient of the incline. So, you also need to look closely at your battery life and maximum range. Sure, it's great if you can travel at breakneck speeds but if that's only sustainable for 10 minutes and then the scooter is redundant, and you have a 20-minute commute on your hands is going to be pretty useless when it runs out halfway to work. 


Pick it Up


Another feature you may want to take into consideration rather than speed is how portable your scooter is especially if you're looking to use it for commuting in busy cities where you will want to take it up to your office and stow it away neatly. Not only does it need to be foldable, but it also should be a decent weight to be able to pick up and carry. Finally, make sure that the scooter you choose has regulations standard brakes and the required safety marks, which we're delighted to say all of our stock, including the Aovo Pro Electric Scooter , does.