Electric Scooters for the Larger Frame

Electric Scooters for the Larger Frame

With the latest trend of the electric scooter being used as an eco-friendly commuting solution, there is no denying that e-scooters are now designed with adults in mind. However, for the larger adult, this can prove rather tricky as many have a weight limit that tends to end at about 100kg. This is enough for most adults, but of course, there are some of us who weigh in at slightly more. So rather than be embarrassed and put off, it is essential to understand what to look for and have an idea of which scooters might be perfect for you.


Overloading a Scooter


It might seem like a triviality to slightly overload a scooter; however, there are several factors that can be negatively impacted when you exceed the weight limit. For example, the scooter will struggle to reach the maximum speed and will slow right down, going up hills. The tyres will get worn substantially quicker, and you will get less mileage out of each charge. Most concerningly over time, you will be damaging the frame.


What Determines Weight Limits?


When these scooters are made, the weight limit is decided upon based on several factors. The frame, which needs to be of high quality to carry a heavier weight is one of the key points to consider. Cheap and cheerful scooters likely will not last very long at all even when they're not overloaded. The size and power offered by the battery dramatically affect the performance and the amount of weight the scooter can carry, 300 Watt or above should be what you are looking at. The Aovo Pro Electric Scooter or E-Pro High Flying are the two of our most popular scooters and offer a weight limit of 120 kilogrammes so already above average for most scooters and have a 350-watt motor on the front. This is a great place to start if you are a slightly larger user and this scooter has a range of really great features that make it so popular, including being smartphone enabled.


Other Considerations


When it comes to selecting a scooter for an adult, you also need to consider the height of the handlebars. Regardless of the weight of the user if the handlebars are too low, you will be stooping, and this can, in turn, create hip and back problems especially if you're going to be using it every day. You should find a scooter where the handlebars sit approximately just above your waist and therefore want to look for a scooter that has adjustability in This area. East scooter handlebar extenders are available if you find that your scooter of choice is not tall enough for you.


Finally, you want to consider the weight of the scooter itself and your needs as a user. Generally, the idea behind electric scooters is that they can be folded and carried for easy comfort which also means storing them at the office or home much more comfortable as you can take them in with you rather than have to chain them up outside.